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Jon Blais AKA Blazeman






Jon Blais (aka Blazeman) is an inspiration to millions especially after he waged a War on ALS. He was born and raised on the East Coast, competed in multiple triathlons and Jon even completed the ever grueling Ironman Championship course in Kona, Hawaii. Kona gave Jon the platform to reach millions, making his battle cry carry even further. Ladies and Gentlemen please take a moment to learn about Jon Blais (aka Blazeman) and ALS

KK: Mary Ann, please tell about John. What kind d of kid was he growing up?
MAB: Jon growing up was an extremely active and somewhat mischievous...he did not like to read and it took a subscription to BMX magazine...a sport he get him to read.

KK: What sports did he play as a youth?
MAB: As for sports he liked individual, not team sports...swimming, running and especially biking were his favorites. He became involved in the sport of triathlon around age 13 and did very well at our local events.

KK: What was John's career?
MAB: Academics were tough for him...ADHD...before it became vogue...he had to work for his grades and was easily distracted in the classroom. He actually sat next to the teacher facing the board in grammar school because he was so distracted. He became a special education teacher moved to San Diego where he could also train. He taught at Aseltime School in San Diego and lived there for 10 years prior to his diagnosis. He really felt he identified with his students and was an excellent teacher taking his love of sports into his classroom.  Please check out his personal website to fully appreciate how he loved his students and truly live life to the fullest.

KK: Jon made a huge statement on the War against ALS when he came across the finish line at the Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii. By becoming the first person to finish back to that day, can you share with us how John and the family felt? What did this mean to the war on ALS

MAB: Jon's preparation for Ironman was mainly tapping into his experience and planning in his mind. At approx 18months into the disease he could not train because no one knew what effect it may have on the progression of ALS. Jon knew he had to finish...if he did not it would be a slap on the back...nice try...

MAB: Jon was a unique young man...very comfortable in his own skin...never a follower. He always made the effort when living in San Diego to keep in touch with his friends back home...calling them and us at all hours. He made friends easily and had a great sense of humor. In high school he was known for his school spirit...always stirring the pot.

MAB: Speaking as his mother his cards to me were usually hand made and with thought were some of his gifts...many of them pictures of him in his adventures...treasures I shall always have.

MAB: As for race time in Kona...he kept to himself prerace mentally preparing himself. He was determined to finish even if he had to be rolled across the finish line. He did that on his own....making a statement to bring awareness to ALS. We, his parents, were just consumed with his safety and wanted so much for him to finish. It would be his last race...very bittersweet for all. He would be thrilled to know that many warriors and pros have since rolled for awareness and a cure for ALS.

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The Blazeman Foundation for ALS

The Blazeman Foundation for ALS website contains all the information on the disease, how to become a warrior and how to donate. The website is

ALS has been a difficult disease to "sell" as a charity.  Most people, unless personally affected by the disease, want success stories...there are none with ALS. In 2-5 years most people die. We have not advanced in treatment...the same that was offered to Lou Gehrig (nothing) is offered today except for palliative care. Jon wanted to wage a war on ALS because that is what it will take. It strikes randomly and without warning...male, female, young or old. The site contains info on our research endeavors.

To Donate visit one of the below websites

If you want to read more about Jon Blais please log onto

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