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2010 Xterra Race Schedule
3/13/2010 XTERRA Saipan Championship USA
3/27/2010 XTERRA Guam GU, USA
3/28/2010 XTERRA Miami FL, USA
4/3/2010 XTERRA Portugal Championship Portugal
4/10/2010 XTERRA New Zealand Championship New Zealand
4/18/2010 XTERRA Caloosahatchee FL, USA
4/18/2010 XTERRA Muleshoe TX, USA
4/24/2010 XTERRA Ft Yargo GA, USA
4/25/2010 XTERRA West Cup - Las Vegas NV, USA
5/1/2010 XTERRA Epic - Long Course LA, USA
5/2/2010 XTERRA Gator Terra LA, USA
5/2/2010 XTERRA Uwharrie NC, USA
5/8/2010 XTERRA Del Valle CA, USA
5/16/2010 XTERRA Red River OK, USA
5/16/2010 XTERRA King of the Hill NJ, USA
5/23/2010 XTERRA ACE Big Canyon WV, USA
5/23/2010 XTERRA Last Stand MI, USA
5/23/2010 XTERRA South Central Cup - Waco TX, USA
5/29/2010 XTERRA Italy - European Championship Italy
5/30/2010 XTERRA Smith Lake NC, USA
6/5/2010 XTERRA Four Corners NM, USA
6/6/2010 XTERRA Deuces Wild AZ, USA
6/6/2010 XTERRA Tsali NC, USA
6/12/2010 XTERRA Eureka Springs AR, USA
6/12/2010 XTERRA Farragut ID, USA
6/13/2010 XTERRA Malaysia Championship Malaysia
6/19/2010 XTERRA Solstice OR, USA
6/20/2010 XTERRA Atlantic Cup - Richmond VA, USA
6/20/2010 XTERRA
Torn Shirt MI, USA
6/26/2010 XTERRA Pipestem Creek ND, USA
6/26/2010 XTERRA YMCA Scales Lake IN, USA
6/26/2010 XTERRA Tahoe City CA, USA
6/26/2010 XTERRA Czech Championship Czech Republic
6/27/2010 XTERRA Dawg Dayz AR, USA
7/11/2010 XTERRA Whitewater NC, USA
7/11/2010 XTERRA O.N.E. OH, USA
7/11/2010 XTERRA France Championship France
7/11/2010 XTERRA EX2 MD, USA
7/11/2010 XTERRA Vashon Island WA, USA
7/17/2010 XTERRA Lock 4 Blast TN, USA
7/17/2010 XTERRA Mountain Cup - Beaver Creek CO, USA
7/17/2010 XTERRA Hammerman AK, USA
7/18/2010 XTERRA Sky High NY, USA
7/24/2010 XTERRA DINO Versailles IN, USA
7/25/2010 XTERRA First Coast FL, USA
7/25/2010 XTERRA Wild Horse Creek MT, USA
8/1/2010 XTERRA Sugar Bottom IA, USA
8/1/2010 XTERRA Forest Drive SD, USA
8/1/2010 XTERRA Appalachia PA, USA
8/1/2010 XTERRA Race at the Rez VT, USA
8/1/2010 XTERRA Panther Creek TN, USA
8/1/2010 XTERRA Black Diamond WA, USA
8/1/2010 XTERRA Snow Valley CA, USA
8/8/2010 XTERRA Iron Will AR, USA
8/8/2010 XTERRA Indian Peaks CO, USA
8/14/2010 XTERRA B.O.L.T. NE, USA
8/14/2010 XTERRA DINO Logansport IN, USA
8/14/2010 XTERRA Portland OR, USA
8/14/2010 XTERRA Germany Championship Germany
8/15/2010 XTERRA Camp Eagle TX, USA
8/15/2010 XTERRA Dirty Grizzly PA, USA
8/21/2010 XTERRA Austria Championship Austria
8/22/2010 XTERRA Austin TX, USA
8/22/2010 XTERRA Lake Placid NY, USA
8/22/2010 XTERRA Charlottesville VA, USA
8/22/2010 XTERRA Wild Ride ID, USA
8/28/2010 XTERRA Lake Tahoe NV, USA
8/28/2010 XTERRA Japan Championship Japan
8/29/2010 XTERRA Lory CO, USA
9/12/2010 XTERRA Switzerland Championship Switzerland
9/12/2010 XTERRA Mexico Championship Mexico
9/19/2010 XTERRA Trail Run National Championship - 21km OR, USA
9/25/2010 XTERRA USA Championship UT, USA
10/24/2010 XTERRA World Championship HI, USA






2/20/2010 XTERRA South Africa Championship South Africa

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