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Xterra Triathlon and Trail News








TEAM Unlimited, the owners and producers of XTERRA, today launched "The XTERRA Planet" - a quarterly magazine dedicated to the people, places and races of XTERRA.

The name for the publication is a spoof on the fictitious “Daily Planet,” the Metropolis newspaper that employed Clark Kent (aka Superman). And, just like that periodical, The XTERRA Planet will cover the exploits of superheroes in our community.

“We’ve been building this magnificent collection of story ideas and images since our first race back in 1996, and now with this magazine we’ll be able to showcase the amazing people and incredible photography we’ve gathered along the way,” said Trey Garman, the magazine’s editor and vice president of XTERRA.

“The fact is we have created a very tight knit community who genuinely care about each other and I think our Tribe is really going to enjoy seeing the pictures and reading the stories about each other’s adventures,” said Dave Nicholas, the managing director of XTERRA who pens the “Kahuna’s Korner” column.

The late Steve Larsen graces the cover of the inaugural issue, a tribute to a man who made great contributions to XTERRA through the years.

“It was just 10 months ago when many of us were gathered around Steve at the pool at Loews Lake Las Vegas Resort after the XTERRA West Cup and talking about the good times we’ve had together,” said Janet Clark, the publisher and president of XTERRA.

“With this first issue we wanted to seize the opportunity to remember Steve and help spread the word about a few initiatives that are taking place on his behalf. In particular, community leaders in Davis, California are building a bike plaza in Steve’s honor and we hope those in our community that have the means to help will do so, as it’s a deserving project that will perpetuate the legacy of a great friend.”

Other features include dramatic photo spreads, a “Tracking the Tribe” piece on Jamie Whitmore’s “Miracle Twins” and other new additions to the XTERRA family, a destination feature on Henderson, Nevada where the XTERRA West Championship will be held, fun Q and A’s with the sports biggest stars, updates from races around the world dubbed “Podium Notes”, a “whatever happened to” feature focused on 2001 XTERRA World Champ Anke Erlank, and a story on one of the most successful trail run bloggers of our time.

To see a free preview of the magazine and to purchase a hard copy, visit

This first issue is on sale for just $5 through March 21, and $6 thereafter (plus shipping).  Comments to the Editor, Trey Garman, should be addressed to


Kirk Williams of Ashland, Virginia, the 2004 XTERRA Mid-Atlantic Regional Champion in the 15-19 division, suffered a severe spinal cord injury that paralyzed him from the chest down in a mountain biking accident on November 8, 2009.

His friends and family in Ashland are hosting a two-day sports extravaganza on April 17-18, dubbed the “KW Roll-Out,” to raise money for this inspiring young athlete. Many in the XTERRA community, both on the East Coast and in the Rockies (he moved to Boulder after high school and attended the University of Colorado), had gotten to know Kirk well.

The weekend will include a kick-off night of music, food, and fun followed by “The Roll-Out,” a day of riding, running, music, and outdoor enjoyment.  There are three rides (100k/50k/10-miler), three runs/walks (10k/5k/Fuzzy Buddy), and live music.  All the proceeds will be donated to help defray Kirk’s medical and equipment expenses.  Learn more at








Mar. 27 - XTERRA Guam (Piti)
Mar. 27 - XTERRA Chanoko 21km (Granite Bay, CA)
Mar. 28 - XTERRA Miami (N. Miami, FL)
Mar. 28 - XTERRA REAL (Granite Bay, CA)


When Dan Hugo was forced to sit out the XTERRA USA and World Championships last year because of a nasty flu bug, he vowed to come back "with a vengeance" in 2010. 

Has he ever!  It's only mid March and the 24-year-old has already won the XTERRA South Africa Championship and just this last weekend traveled to the remote jungles of Brazil where he captured the XTERRA Estrade Real off-road tri AND the 45km mountain bike race they hosted the next day.

Check out the pictures from his adventure on his website at and see all the cool things happening in Brazil at



Brandon Mader and Kerry Shaffer won The XTERRA Oak Mountain 10km trail run in Pelham, Alabama on Sunday. In the men's race Mader edged Nathan Lewis by just five seconds with a winning time of 37:37.  The women's race was even tighter, with Schaffer coming across just a second ahead of Rachel Winford.

Oak Mountain State Park will host another set of 5k, 10k, and 21k trail runs as part of the XTERRA Southeast Championship weekend on June 12.  To read more visit


Some 400 runners from 13 states took part in the XTERRA Black Mountain 5k and 15k trail races in San Diego, CA on Sunday.  Brandon Mills, 30, set a new 15km course record with a 1:02:20, while Amy Ringdahl won the women's race in 1:11:39.

Next up in the SoCal Series is the XTERRA Crystal Cove 5/17km Trail Runs in Laguna Beach, CA, on April 25th.  Learn more at

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