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Gear of the Month: The Blaze Hydration System






The Blaze, the first and only rear hydration carrier that is infinitely adjustable to any position. Using a double pivot system the carrier enables to rider to put the drink bottles in any position from high to low to angled in or out. The goal in the development of the Blaze was to aid in the rider's ability to easily drink. Aerodynamics

mean nothing if an athlete is not hydrated. Using a single 4m allen wrench (included), the Blaze is easily attached to most saddles and the integrated Co2 carrier means no extra mass in the wind. Very clean. Included is a Co2 "bullet" so the rider can carry 2 Co2 cylinders but just 1 inflator for a clean and functional look. Drink with ease, use the Blaze!

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Andrew Block

Beaker Concepts, Inc


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