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BLAZE and Base Performance in bike-nutrition combo offer






Sports nutrition specialist Base Performance has partnered with Beaker Concepts for a limited time Hydration Pack Offer. The offer combines the HydroTail BLAZE from Beaker Concepts, which retails for US$80, and the Base Performance Electrolyte Salt product that retails for US$19.95. The offer combines both for only US$75.


Base Electrolyte Salt
According to Base Performance, by taking Base Electrolyte Salt regularly athletes have higher energy

levels throughout the day as well as during training. Base Electrolyte Salts are not just sodium chloride; they actually have all 84 essential minerals needed for proper energy balance, including calcium, magnesium and potassium.

One serving per hour of exercise is recommended to maintain electrolyte balance and reduce cramping. Claimed benefits include:

  • Improves electrolyte balance
  • Enhanced recovery
  • Enhances hydration
  • Improved performance

BLAZE HydroTail
The Beaker Concepts BLAZE HydroTail rear hydration unit claims to have the best ‘reach-ability’ of any unit on the market today. This one unit can put a rider’s bottles where he/she wants them… ‘Positioned high, low, angled back, forward, down, anywhere.’

The BLAZE product includes:

  • 2 integrated CO2 holders with specially designed ‘Bullet’ that holds the spare cartridge while the inflator holds the other
  • 2 Velcro straps for mounting tires, tubes or saddle bag
  • 2 different length arms to custom fit the Blaze and maximize adjustability and positioning

Bottles, cages, CO2, inflator not included. Beaker Concepts will ship the BLAZE separately.

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